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2017 Hornet Rules

Hornet Class: 2017



American or Foreign front wheel drive, Inline-4 Cylinder Cars Only! 4 passenger cars with a maximum wheelbase of 104 inches.

Examples of cars to fit this class: Neon, Storm, Corolla, Nissan Sentra, VW Golf, VW Jetta, 92-98 Grand Am, Saturn, Cavalier, Sunfires, etc.

The follows makes/models are NOT permitted:

Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, Honda CRX, or Plymouth Lasers. No Trucks, vans, or convertibles.

No Turbo Charges or Super Charged vehicles. No carburetor cars allowed. Fuel injection only, No Nitrous Oxide.



1.    The Following must be removed:

a.    Chrome

b.    Glass

c.    Lights

d.    Mirrors

e.    Airbags

All broken glass must be completely vacuumed from car.


2.    Dashboard may remain, but all other interior items must be removed.

3.    Safety Racing Seat Required: A set with right-side containment is strongly recommended.

4.    Each vehicle must contain a 5-point harness. Each driver must wear an approved helmet, fire suit, and racing gloves.

5.    Driver door net or triangle.

6.    All cars must have tow-chains and be rear capable of lifting car.

7.    Fuel Tanks & Fuel Lines must be in “stock” position for that year & make of the car. No Fuel Cells

8.    Battery may be moved to passenger side floor board, but must be secured in a marine type box.

9.    A competition type 4-pont roll cage (1 ½ minimum steel tubing) with a minimum of three driver door bars. You may run bars from back of cage down to the floor pan but they cannot go past the rear firewall.

10.Hood must have a 12” x 12” hole in center location for fire extinguisher or  Hood must be pinned and stock hood release removed.

11.Engine must be in stock and same for year and make of model. No race engines. Engines must have no less than 17” of vacuum when tested. Stock manifolds only. Exhaust must exit under car.


       11a. Stock/Unaltered ECM/Computers only. No After-Market ECM/Computers.

            Promoter has the option to claim a competitors ECM/Computer at any time on any car competing for $100.00 If you refuse, you will forfeit all money & points for that race and will be banned from competing at future events.


12.Aluminum wheels are allowed 13”, 14” , 15” ,16" , & 17" only with a maximum width of 7”. Tires must be street legal DOT radials. No grooving or siping of tires. No racing tires or retreads will be permitted.

13.Stock body parts only. No homemade body panels or spoilers. No aluminum interiors. All holes in the firewall must be covered with aluminum or steel.

14.Maximum of 5 degrees of camber will be permitted on any wheel.

Rear wheels may NOT be turned.

15.Cars must be numbered on both sides and top with a minimum of 18” numbers.

16.All drivers must have a raceceiver radio. These are available for purchase or rent on race day.

17. Transmission: All forward and reverse gears must be operational. Lock differentials of any type will NOT be permitted.

18. Weight: Minimum Weight is 2300 lbs.

This is an economy class that requires a minimal investment. Drivers must be at least 14 years of age. A copy of birth certificate may be requested for minor participants.

Promoter reserves the right to claim any dominate car for $1400. Refusal to sell will forfeit any winnings and points in this class for that nights event and driver will not be permitted to race for the remainder of the season. Don’t over-spend.

Feature Winner starts no better than 10th at the next race.

Rules may not cover every incident that may occur and are subject to change. Therefore in these situations, it will be up to the discretion of track officials.



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