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2013 Season Ticket Information

November 1st, 2012

You will receive a set of tickets that will get you into each event for the 2013 Racing Season.(20 total) (excludes 4-H race and World of Outlaws)

 Tickets will be dated for each event. Not only do you receive a discount on admission with banked rain outs, you will receive:


~Lawrenceburg Speedway Tote Bag

~1-“Golden Ticket” that will allow you a FREE pit pass at ANY event during the 2013 Season (so you could give your dated ticket to a friend!)

~V.I.P. Status to Certain Events: When Lawrenceburg Speedway promotes a V.I.P. ticket to certain events, you are automatically a V.I.P. and can redeem your season ticket at the V.I.P. redemption center for those particular events. 

~Discounts on other promotions throughout the season offered exclusively to Season Ticket Holders.

The Season ticket package will include tickets to all events with the exception of  the                                Dearborn County 4-H race and the World of Outlaws (pending, reserved seating event)


There are 4-“rain outs” built into the price of your tickets. If we experience more than that, a credit will roll over into the next season for season ticket holders.

The season tickets are general admission, but you will have the option to upgrade to a pit pass at each event. Credits will not be given for lost, stolen, or deemed unrecognizable tickets, nor for non-attendance of the event(s).

PRICE: $249

Order your 2013 Season tickets at or call 812-539-4700 for mail order arrangements.

***Your entire package will be shipped out on January 8th, 2013 pending the official media release of the schedule. However, with in 48 hours of your purchase we will send you an official “gift note” confirming your purchase. ***

Season Tickets: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I can’t make it to a race, can I give my ticket to a friend?

A: YES! Season tickets are transferrable, you can give them to whomever you would like.


Q: When will I receive my Season Ticket Package?

A: The season ticket package, along with your free tote bag and “golden ticket” will be shipped out on January 8th.


Q: I’m purchasing this as a gift for someone, can I get a letter or certificate to give them until the actual tickets are shipped?

A: YES! We will mail out a “gift note” to all who purchase the season ticket package.


Q: What do you do about rained out events?

A: The season ticket package price accounts for 4-rain outs. If there are more than 4 rain outs during the 2013 season, each season ticket holder would receive a credit on season ticket packages rolled over to the next season’s price. In the event of a rain out, the dated event ticket is void.


Q: What do you do about pit passes?

A: The season tickets are general admission, however, you can “upgrade” your ticket the day of the event at any of our gates.


Q: When I redeem my “Golden Ticket” do I also redeem my ticket for that event?

A: No, the “Golden Ticket” is a 100% FREE Pit Pass to any event of your choice (except World of Outlaws and Dearborn County 4-H Fair) , so the day you choose to use that ticket, you can give your extra ticket to a friend.


Q: What about Child Admission Tickets?

A: The season tickets are priced for adult general admission, but if you choose, you could redeem your ticket for a child.


Q: What is the V.I.P. automatic status?

A: For a few select events, Lawrenceburg Speedway offers a V.I.P. redemption center so you do not have to wait in line. The events that we offer the V.I.P. redemption center, you are automatically a V.I.P. and may redeem your ticket at the V.I.P. booth if you choose.


Q: Do I have to go to a certain gate each race to redeem my season ticket?

A: No, you can redeem your season ticket at any gate.


Q: What events are my season tickets good for?

A: You will receive a dated ticket for each event on the 2013 Schedule, 20 events. This includes regular and special events.



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